Monday, June 3

Indonesia Islamic Fashion Festival

I went to the event on he last day with a friend of mine, Eci, and we had a blast. There were so many beautiful muslim wear clothing line on the exhibiton and gorgeous muslim designer's new collection on the fashion show. The theme of the fashion show is Your Style Destination" by Treimee, Kivitz, Addins, Akia. Addin's fashion designer is my adorable friend Samia, we met at an entrepreneurship event. At the fashion show, I saw a lot of nude colors, flowy, chiffon material, and ethereal themed clothes, which apparently is on trend right now.


  1. I love the way you do your hijab, its so pretty!

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  3. A great interview on Muslim Fashion can be read here. It's the Halal Monk's conversation with head scarve designer Fatima Rafiy.


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